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Diversified technique

Diversified technique

Diversified technique / chiropractic crack your back for pain relief

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What is diversified chiropractic adjustment technique?

Diversified is a chiropractic technique which helps restore proper range of motion to a misaligned vertebra with a high force, low amplitude adjustment. This is taught at Palmer College of Chiropractic, the first ever Chiropractic school. As a result, this type of chiropractic adjusting technique is one of the most widely used in the world. Diversified adjustments typically provide quick relief to the patient as the spinal column is placed back into its correct position. This type of adjustment typically creates an audible, or light popping sound.  However, this is a release of gas pressure created by the misaligned spinal segment.

What does a diversified chiropractic adjustment look and feel like?

A diversified adjustment may be used after the Doctor of Chiropractic has identified that you have a spinal misalignment in your back. During a diversified adjustment, the patient lays face down on the adjusting table. The doctor stands next to the table, and places their hands on your back near the affected spinal region. The patient is asked to take a deep breath in, and then let all the air out. This helps the muscles relax during the treatment.


Once the patient has exhaled, the doctor pushes in a specific direction on your back, often making a popping sound. This sound is a release of pressure as the spinal misalignment is placed back to its correct position, which allows proper nervous system function. The entire adjustment takes only a few seconds, but patients commonly feel instant relief. Many patients with Personal Choice PPO Insurance like Diversified Chiropractic adjustments, and its covered as well.

How do Diversified Adjustments help?

Diversified adjustments help remove nerve interference commonly associated when a spinal segment rotates out of position. When the spine becomes rotated, it can cause an interruption of the nervous system, which can affect your overall health. Dr. Allen Conrad has been providing the people of North Wales Pa and Montgomery County with Diversified Chiropractic adjustments for over 20 years, and can help you too. If you suffer from back pain, give our office a call and get an examination to see if a Diversified adjustment is appropriate for your condition.