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Tendonitis Injuries and treatment

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Tendonitis is a painful condition where the the region becomes irritated and swollen. Tendons connect the muscles to the body, and when they are injured or inflamed, they can be quite painful and aggravating until they heal correctly. Tendonitis can affect any area of the body where muscles connect to tendons, but the most common regions are the elbow, knees and shoulder regions. Tennis elbow, for example, is where the tendon along the outside of the arm is swollen or irritated, and without chiropractic treatment the condition will become worse. Golfer’s elbow, which affects the inner part of the elbow, is another type of tendonitis which uses the swinging motion of a golf swing to move the elbow. A lot of athletes today are getting chiropractic treatments for tendonitis to help improve sports performance, but also to help keep in top physical condition.


What causes tendonitis?


Tendonitis can be caused by an injury, or a repetitive motion type of activity. As the tendon of a muscle becomes irritated or stressed, the body will send inflammation and pain signals to the tendon, which lets you know that you have a tendon injury. To protect the tendon from becoming torn or ripped, the body will begin to swell around the tendon to protect it. The problem is that you need to get treatment for the tendon to heal properly, as well as help decrease the inflammation and swelling around the tendon.


Common tendon and tendonitis injuries

*Golfers elbow tendonitis

*Patellar tendonitis of the knee

*Tennis elbow tendonitis

*Rotator cuff tendonitis of the shoulder

*Tendonitis of the hip or ankle regions

*Tendonitis of the neck from whiplash



What treatment is effective for tendonitis?


Chiropractic treatment for tendonitis is very effective in reducing pain, swelling, and returning the tendon to normal function. Our North Wales chiropractor tendonitis treatments include chiropractic adjustments of the involved area, therapeutic stretching, and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). In some cases, therapeutic ultrasound therapy is also helpful to reduce the inflammation and swelling commonly associated with acute tendonitis. By reducing the pain and inflammation associated with tendonitis, you will be able to progress to strengthening the area. This will help the body prevent any future flare ups of tendonitis and help strengthen the associated muscle and tendon regions. Treatment for tendonitis can take weeks to help get your tendon back to its pre-injury state, but if you avoid treatment the condition could linger on for years, and risk the tendon becoming torn with activity. It is highly recommended that if you believe that you have tendonitis or a tendon injury, that you consult a Doctor of Chiropractic who has experience in treating tendonitis injuries. If you are looking for tendonitis treatment in North Wales PA, give our chiropractic clinic a call today.