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Activator Method Technique

Activator Method Chiropractic Adjustment

What is an Activator Chiropractic Adjustment?

Activator Adjustments are a type of Chiropractic realignment of the spine which use a hand held chiropractic tool called the Activator. This chiropractic adjustment tool is a lightweight spring loaded type of treatment that the chiropractor may use to offer a quick motion but low force type of spinal or extremity alignment. When a spine becomes misaligned, it can cause pain, spasm, and loss of range of motion. The Activator adjustment can be an effective way to realign this spinal segment, as well as rotated extremities like knees and shoulders. The Activator can be very effective for very painful areas, as the pressure that is applied to the region can be controlled by the tension setting.

Does the Activator Crack your back?

The Activator does not make a cracking sound when adjusting your back, as it is a low force high speed type of adjustment tool. The cracking or popping sensation commonly associated with a chiropractic adjustment is more common with Diversified adjustments. Activator adjustments are very helpful for hand and foot injuries, and offer a different but effective type of chiropractic treatment. Many patients have received Activator adjustments and have felt relief after their treatments. If you don’t like hearing a cracking or popping sound like when you crack your knuckles, then Activator adjustments may be your preferred type of treatment.

What type of chiropractic adjustment is best for me?

Dr. Allen Conrad will perform a new patient examination and determine what type of adjustment technique is best for your specific condition. Factors that go into the decision making process include the type of injury, the extent of the injury, as well as the patient’s preference on a specific type of adjustment. Dr. Conrad will explain the options of treatment available to you, and together you will determine if Activator Methods Chiropractic adjustments are best suited for your condition.