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Mechanical Traction


Chiropractic Care and Spinal Traction | Mechanical Traction


What is Mechanical Traction?


Back pain can be extremely painful and affect your daily life. When your back goes in spasm, an effective method of relieving that pain and spasm is using mechanical traction therapy. When joints get compressed, the body gives a pain response. Our local North Wales / Lansdale Chiropractor will put together a treatment plan that may include mechanical traction for your treatment plan. Spinal traction mechanical is an relaxing effective way to traction and stretch out the spine and its surrounding musculature to relieve spinal compression. The patient lays comfortably on their back while the table tractions up and down the back while relaxing the associated muscles. This form of spinal decompression therapy is effective in the treatment of many back and neck conditions which affect the spine.  It is commonly used for many back and hip problems, as well as disc injuries. That is why it is a very popular form of treatment for back pain. In summary, our office has used this type of alternative treatment for many herniated discs in the past, and with great success.


What is Dry Hydrotherapy?


Dry hydrotherapy is an effective method of treating many aches and pains in a very relaxing way.  The dry hydrotherapy can help neck, back, shoulder and hip pain and spasm with relaxing circulating heat for your condition. Our chiropractic office has dry hydrotherapy beds that allow the patient to lay atop heated circulating water jets while remaining totally dry and fully clothed. These hydrotherapy beds are great way to decrease muscle spasms and increase circulation to the back, neck and shoulders, which are an excellent addition to our chiropractic care-plan. Do you suffer from back pain and stress? Does heat seem to help your sore back feel better? Then hydrotherapy is the treatment for you.

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