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Sports Injury and Chiropractic Care

With today’s athletes, the top priority after an injury is to get back to the playing field as soon as possible, and more and more sports teams are taking a pro-active approach to reducing the chances of re-injury through core stabilization and core strengthening exercises. Gone are the days of “no pain, no gain”, and the newer alternative philosophy embraces the concepts of flexibility training, stabilization exercises and chiropractic care to help optimize the body’s performance. Everyone can get hurt, thats just a part of the sports world. The idea of training the body to its fullest, though, includes embracing these alternative methods to reduce the chances of an injury, as well as speed up the recovery process. Implimenting a daily flexibility and core balance training schedule into your off-season and in-season workout program will also demonstrate measurable gains which could have otherwise been limited by decreased range of motion. When the body gains muscle through strength training, it is essential to maintain flexibility, or a loss of range of motion will occur. This is especially prevalent in runners, due to the altered gait that occurs when their muscles of their legs increase in size without accomodating for flexibility. When this occurs, an altered gait may develop, which will prevent the athlete from reaching their top speed. As a former rugby player, I suffered many injuries, but due to these alternative forward thinging ways of training, my injuries were far less invasive. As the Strength and Conditioning Specialist for Blackthorn Rugby Club, we integrate these principles of training with our players, and the results have been impressive.Whether its rugby, or football, or any contact sport, speed and strength are key to performing at the top of your game, and preparing along the way can help keep you on the field, and out of the training room.