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*Whiplash Treatment for a Car Accident*


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Ever been in an auto accident and got whiplash?  Were you rear-ended and have neck pain in Lansdale PA? Many accidents which are low impact and commonly brushed off as “not that bad” are actually much worse than conventionally expected. We like to explain the science to the patient. When a car is hit, the damage done to the car actually absorbs the hit. In fact,  people get more hurt in accidents of slow speeds.


For example, when you are in a low impact collision, you absorb the impact. Regardless if is little damage to the car, your body actually absorbed more of the impact.


What will hurt after I am rear-ended in an accident?


This acceleration/deceleration action we believe can lead to many long term problems when untreated. Additionally, this can include whiplash, nerve damage, and chronic headaches to name a few. Commonly a car accident victim will take some over the counter medication for a few days. We tell our patients that we treat the cause, not cover up the symptoms. We want the pain to be gone, but in a safe method of treatment.


What can I do for auto accident treatment?


Our office combines chiropractic, exercises and massage therapy to help relieve neck and back pain. In addition, we will do therapeutic exercises to help strengthen the injured muscles. Lastly, we will teach you proper posture and home exercises to condition the body after the accident. Our office has been helping car accident patients for over 20 years. We believe out proven success record is a value to our local Lansdale community.


Are pain medications the answer? 


Unfortunately, all that is doing is blocking the body’s signals that something was injured. However, that can lead to injuries that never heal properly. We recommend a motor vehicle accident examination to determine the extend of your injuries. If you have been in an auto accident, no matter how fast you were going, call today. In summary, we will help you make a chiropractor appointment for a checkup. We believe you will be happy that you did.

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