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Pinched Nerves



Chiropractic care and Pinched Nerves



Chiropractic care is effective in helping with interference in the nervous system, including a pinched nerve. Your nervous system is the center of your thoughts, memory, learning and how you go about your day. Your muscles, blood vessels, glands, internal organs and systems need a healthy nervous system to function properly. When any of these signals are interrupted, the chiropractor can identify what the location of the problem is, and put you on a chiropractic care plan to help resolve the condition.


Your spinal column has 4 main functions, which include:


1. To house and protect the spinal cord and its spinal nerves

2. To support the weight of your shoulders and hips

3. To work as an attachment site for your muscles

4. To support your head and ribs


Your spine consists of 24 vertebrae which allow not only support, but durability, and strength of your back. When these vertebrae misalign, the pressure caused can pinch a nerve, causing you pain and dysfunction. If you believe you have a pinched nerve, go see the chiropractor for an examination today.