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Experience a Complete Array of Advanced Wellness Treatments – not just traditional Chiropractic Care


The conventional approach towards health and fitness can lead you to a stronger and balanced life, but various conditions and injuries can affect the strongest of individuals. Life-threatening conditions, disorders, dislocations, and other such challenging life situations can obstruct anyone’s career goals and objectives without a prior sign or warning.

Accidents happen every day, and finding a chiropractor  who can help you get through this difficult time is an important choice. Painful bracing options and surgeries shouldn’t be the only option for treating such a vast array of ailments.  Many people today are turning to alternative medicine options to help them improve from their injuries,  and help avoid back and neck pain long term problems. Chiropractic care is the new-age alternative which emphasizes the recuperative power of the human body to recover from injury without the use of steroids, drugs or other powerful chemical-infused medicines.


How and where was this first developed?


Dr. Daniel David Palmer of Davenport, Iowa is said to have performed the first Chiropractic adjustment on a partially-deaf janitor, Harvey Lillard. From that point onwards, and years later when Palmer College of Chiropractic opened a couple of schools to spread the same knowledge, doctors have been treating patients using this alternative treatment type to their history books of science and medicine.


How does Chiropractic care work? 


Chiropractic care is an evaluation of the spine and the associated muscles and nerves of the body. A chiropractic exam will identify any misalignments which may occur from wear and tear on the body, due to the massive work put in while maintaining one’s body balance and weight. Serving the Lansdale, PA health community – the Montgomery County Chiropractor Center offers the best range of chiropractors in Lansdale, PA along with a variety of natural pain-relieving services relating to neck, back, shoulders, spine, and the curvature in the spinal cord. Efficiently correcting spinal and joint problems, chiropractors essentially provide optimized and personal care through chiropractic adjustments that allow your body to improve range of motion and perform better.

Chiropractic care also involves natural forms of health care including stretching and therapeutic exercise programs, massage therapy,  nutritional advice, ergonomic and postural advice, apart from lifestyle and health education information that can essentially keep you active and injury-free.

Meet the best Chiropractors in North Wales, PA to appropriately line-up a diagnosis for all/any particular syndrome or problem that is causing pain or difficulty in your daily life and find the best form of treatments. Whether it’s a sprain, a spasm, tendonitis, whiplash, or just overall aches and pains, let our chiropractor examine your condition and put you on a careplan for improvement.

For Worker’s Compensation cases – specially refer to Dr. Allen Conrad in Lansdale, PA.