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Electrical Muscle Stimulation Chiropractic

electrical muscle stimulation chiropractic



Benefits of Employing Electrical Muscle Stimulation therapy Chiropractic Treatment for Enhancing Recovery from Injuries


Montgomery County Chiropractor Center in North Wales, PA, can help the individuals shorten the healing time of injuries that are impacting the muscles, by using electrical muscle stimulation or EMS.

People are often surprised to know how effective chiropractic Electrical Muscle Stimulation therapy is in treating musculoskeletal problems, including back and shoulder injuries. When used in combination with other treatments, electrical muscle stimulation can make your rehabilitation routine more effective, aiding the treatment of the underlying problem while helping in the reduction of discomfort and pain at the same time.


What is Chiropractic EMS Therapy and how does it work?


Chiropractic Electrical Muscle Stimulation Therapy involves the use of low-level electrical charge to particular parts of the body and is a gentle, safe, and effective way of getting over a musculoskeletal problem caused by an injury. EMS is perfect for patients who want to get rid of the pain while treating the spasm, sprain, or strain or other soft tissue injuries.

Before you come to us for EMS, we would like you to read this space to know more about the therapy and how it affects your injury and the pain. Also called neuromuscular electrical stimulation, EMS is used in our chiropractic practice in North Wales, PA, to deal with the specific muscle and nerve groups that have been impacted by the injury. EMS works by helping the body to relax and allowing the pain and discomfort to ease off. By doing this, it lets the natural recovery process of the body to do its job. Once the body is relaxed, we are able to progress to therapeutic exercises for the associated area, which helps in the recovery of the injured area.

In many situations, EMS is also used to calm spasm. The electrical stimulation fatigues the muscles, causing them to relax. When there is a risk of weakening muscles due to an injury, EMS can be used to gently exercise the muscle in question without deteriorating the condition of the injured area in any way. Our office also uses EMS to provide immediate pain reduction, lessening your dependency on medication.


Why choose our office for Electrical Muscle Stimulation?


Dr. Allen Conrad of Montgomery County Chiropractor Center has been treating patients since 2001 for muscle injuries using electrical muscle stimulation to help reduce pain and spasm. Before applying the therapy itself, a thorough examination and diagnosis is done to examine the exact source of the problem, and what careplan is appropriate for your specific condition.

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