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Recover Faster with the Help of a Whiplash Chiropractor in Lansdale, PA

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People who have experienced whiplash could still quiver with a mere mention of the term. It is an excruciating condition that is usually caused by a sudden and uncharacteristic movement of the head/neck. It can result in long-term stiffness and extreme pain. Whiplash is often the result of an accident – people sitting at the rear end of a vehicle are most likely to experience it. The impact of being rear-ended in an accident can result in an unnatural back and forth movement of the neck. A car accident can impact your work and daily life, and early detection of an injury is essential in the long term prognosis of your condition. Our office has been treating auto accident cases for over 17 years, and we can help you get back to your normal life as quickly as possible after an accident. Our combination of chiropractic and rehabilitation is effective for auto accident injuries.

There are different ways of treating this condition, but visiting a whiplash chiropractor in Lansdale, PA, is found to be amongst the most effective out of those. Neck pain from an accident can misalign your joints or make them move in the wrong direction. A chiropractor can help you overcome the effects of whiplash by manipulating your spine and joints. Chiropractors in Blue Bell, PA  or other location would also recommend you posture-correcting exercise and lifestyle changes. They will also provide you some techniques that you can use at home to manage your condition.

Chiropractors also use muscle relaxation and stimulation techniques to treat whiplash. These techniques are very effective in recovering from the muscle strains that whiplash patients usually experience in their back, neck, or chest. In some cases, the spinal discs have become bulging or herniated from the whiplash, and treatments like spinal decompression therapy can help with this disc condition.

Whiplash can affect your life for the worse. It not only restricts your movement but also makes you live through the extreme pain. Fortunately enough, a chiropractor is well-equipped to help you accelerate the recovery process.

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